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Invisalign Retainer

invisalign retainerAfter orthodontic treatment, patients need to wear retainers to keep their teeth straight until the bones and other supporting tissues have adjusted to the teeth’s new position. A retainer can protect your smile and your investment in your smile. Our Burbank Invisalign retainer expert may recommend an Invisalign retainer.

Our expert in Invisalign retainer in Burbank customizes your retainers just like your Invisalign aligners were customized for a flawless fit. These special aligners are clear just like Invisalign aligners, and they are 30 percent stronger than similar types of retainers. They help keep your teeth in their new positions and can even correct minor relapse when it occurs. We may be able to use existing records to create your new aligners, or we may need to take new X-rays and other images to customize your aligners. We will explain the process at your appointment and help you make the best choice for your smile.

Each patient’s needs are individual. Some will need to wear their aligners all the time for a period while others may need to wear their aligners only at night or at specific times during the day. Our Burbank Invisalign retainer expert will explain your treatment needs and our recommendations for preserving your smile so that you can keep your teeth looking beautifully straight. Wearing your aligners as prescribed protects your teeth and your investment.

Invisalign Retainer Burbank

Invisalign retainers are clear and almost invisible when you wear them. You will need to take them out to eat, drink, or perform dental hygiene tasks just like you needed to remove your Invisalign aligners. You will also need to keep your retainers clean. You can brush them or use the special cleaning crystals available through Invisalign. Avoid exposing your retainers to heat, which can warp them, and do not eat while wearing them since this can damage them. Regular checkups with our expert in Invisalign retainer in Burbank can ensure your teeth continue to stay healthy, straight, and strong.

Give us a call today to find out more about available orthodontic treatments or to schedule your consultation with our Invisalign dentist.