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Invisalign Results

Reviewing Invisalign before and after pictures can be worth more than a thousand words to someone looking into getting orthodontic treatment. These images show you real people who have completed treatment with our doctor, and they can give you a preview of just what you can expect. We have an extensive collection of images and reviews from previous patients that we are always happy to share with our patients.


What kind of results can you expect from your treatment? Invisalign is designed using the most advanced imaging systems and technology, which allows us to share your results with you before you even start treatment. We use a special program that permits us to create a virtual 3D model of your teeth, and each tooth is carefully guided into its proper position. This program forms the basis of your treatment plan and will be used to create your new aligners.

Actual Patient of Dr. Marine Martirosyan


You will also get to see the gradual results as you continue with your treatment. Invisalign aligners are clear, and you can watch your teeth move closer towards their final positions every time you switch to the next aligners. The aligners need to be changed about every two weeks, as they maintain your progress and moves your teeth just a little bit closer to their proper positions.


During treatment, you can ensure the best results by brushing and flossing properly. Each time you eat, brush your teeth carefully to remove any debris and plaque. You will also want to make sure to clean your aligners before putting them back on your teeth. 


Give us a call today to learn more about undergoing Invisalign treatment or to schedule your appointment with our Invisalign dentist in Burbank.


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