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Invisalign Cost Burbank

Invisalign Cost BurbankA healthy, attractive smile can be one of your best assets. If you are over 17, have crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, overlapping or similar problems, you may be a candidate for Invisalign. Invisalign is a comfortable, clear way to straighten your teeth using removable, custom-made aligners. You can improve the health, comfort, function and appearance of your smile using Invisalign without having to worry about uncomfortable or unsightly metal. Our Invisalign cost in Burbank can vary based on your needs.

We begin by evaluating your teeth and bite. This allows us to determine your needs and create a treatment plan just for you. We will take digital images, dental impressions or other records that allow us to recreate your teeth. We use these records to create the treatment plan, which will use exact measurements that move teeth gently over the course of treatment. Our Invisalign cost in Burbank is based on how many aligners you need. Most patients change aligners about every two weeks, and treatment lasts about a year. Some patients may need more or less time to achieve their desired results.

Burbank Invisalign Cost

The number of aligners that you need is specific to you. Our dentist will determine this number when we plan your treatment. Each custom-molded clear aligner will continue your treatment progress. Our Invisalign cost in Burbank includes the cost of aligners as well as the cost for routine checkups, which will usually be scheduled about six to eight weeks apart based on your needs and progress.

The benefits of Invisalign are extensive. You will have greater control over your treatment plan and fewer orthodontic visits. Patients can remove their aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss, so treatment is less likely to interfere with your lifestyle. The smooth plastic will not irritate your mouth, and because they are clear, you can complete your treatment discreetly. Following the recommended treatment plan can ensure that you are completely satisfied with your results, and you will need to wear your aligners at least 20 to 22 hours a day or as recommended to progress. Contact our office today to learn more about our Invisalign cost in Burbank or to schedule your consultation.

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